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Why Forex and CFDs are Best Suited for Private Traders? – News Anyway

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If you are a private trader or an aspiring trader and thinking about trading Forex and CFDs, you’re already on the right track. These two make a really great investment for traders such as yourself and the why of it will be discussed on here.

How it Works

Private traders that are looking to get some CFD and Forex trading action will want to know how it works. The good news is that how it works is really simple which means you can decide if it is for you or not. The first step is that a finance broker and a trader come to an agreement. In this scenario, the trader believes that the financial market value will increase. Visit this site for more information.

As a duo, they open a position and buy CFDs on the market. They decide to “go long” which means if there is an increase in the price of the underlying asset, the trader takes home a profit. Should the trader predict a decrease in the asset value, they “go short” or sell CFDs.

On the other hand, should the trader get it wrong in his prediction, both of them will have to go home with losses. Its important to remember here that the loss or profit they make is relative to the difference between the asset price set at the start of the contact. It also takes into account the end price.

Advantages to Forex and CFDs

There are not enough words to say that the CFD and Forex market just has loads of incentives and advantages for traders. Have a look at some of the pros for Forex and CFDs trading below:

  • You only need one account to trade both CFDs and Forex. This means you gain access to all sorts of markets with just one platform that saves you a lot of time and effort.
  • There is a lot of leverage in this type of trading. A CFD is considered a leveraged financial instrument. This means you are tasked to deposit only a percentage of the sum trade value. Known as an “initial margin”, this allows the trader to trade bigger and get exposed to larger potential profits. All because the exposure of the initial deposited amounts gets magnified.
  • The ability to go short. A CFD allows private traders more flexibility when compared to commodities, shares etc. When trading Forex and CFDs, even a failing market has the potential to become a positive trading opportunity. But what is the motivation for selling short? When you predict that the prices for assets will decrease, this enables you to buy back at lower prices and make a profit.
  • No stamp duties is another benefit since these are designed to track underlying markets. For example, if you buy CFDs on Disney+ shares, you don’t own its shares or invest in the company. You are merely speculating on prices fluctuations. If you are investing in traditional shares in the UK, you will have to pay .5% for holding assets of that company.
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North Korea blows up joint liaison office with South in Kaesong – BBC News

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Media captionSouth Korea released military footage of the explosion in the border town of Kaesong

North Korea has blown up a joint liaison office with the South near the North’s border town of Kaesong.

The move comes just hours after the North renewed threats of military action at the Korean border.

The site was opened in 2018 to help the Koreas – officially in a state of war – to communicate. It had been empty since January due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In a statement, South Korea warned it would “respond strongly” if the North “continues to worsen the situation”.

The destruction of the office, it said, “abandons the hopes of everyone who wanted the development of inter-Korean relations and peace settlement in the Korean Peninsula”.

“The government makes it clear that all responsibility of this situation lies in the North.”

Russia expressed concern at the renewed tensions between the Koreas.

“We call for restraint from all the sides,” Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, said on Tuesday.

Reuters news agency quoted an unnamed senior US official as saying the Trump administration remained “in close co-ordination with our Republic of Korea (South Korea) allies”.

Tensions between North and South Korea have been escalating for weeks, prompted by defector groups in the South sending propaganda across the border.

The North Korean leader’s sister, Kim Yo-jong – considered a close and powerful ally – threatened at the weekend to demolish the office.

Her brother, Kim Jong-un, has ruled North Korea as Supreme Leader since 2011.

There were hopes for improved relations between the North and the South and its close ally the US after Donald Trump met Mr Kim at the North-South border last June, but nothing materialised and the atmosphere has since deteriorated.

North Korea is under crippling US and UN economic sanctions over its militarised nuclear programme. Washington has not yet commented on the North’s latest action.

Pyongyang has blamed the escalation on Seoul’s inability to prevent defectors from flying anti-regime propaganda over the border. But it is likely that this is just being used as an excuse.

The leafleting gives a “cause” for North Koreans to rally around. It was notable that once again, in the aftermath of the explosion, state media made reference to “human scum” – their description of North Korean defectors in the South.

Kim Jong-un has failed to bring economic prosperity to his people and strict international sanctions remain in place. There are also persistent rumours that Covid-19 has affected rural parts of the country. Giving North Koreans a mutual enemy may help focus their attention elsewhere.

Pyongyang is also angry at Seoul for not challenging Washington’s insistence that strict sanctions should remain in place and for not pursuing inter-Korean projects which would have breached both UN and US sanctions.

It feels as if North Korea could be punishing the South and with the aim of using the tension as leverage in future talks.

Whatever the reason, this is a real slap in the face for a South Korean administration that pushed so hard for engagement.

In recent weeks, North Korea has repeatedly condemned the South for allowing propaganda into its territory.

Defector groups regularly send such material via balloons, or even drones, into the North.

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Media captionSouth Korean activists launch propaganda balloons over border (2014 video)

Last Tuesday, Pyongyang announced it was severing official communication links with Seoul, and over the weekend Kim Yo-jong threatened to send troops into the demilitarised zone (DMZ) at the inter-Korean border.

North and South Korea are technically still at war because no peace agreement was reached when the Korean War ended in 1953.

What is the Kaesong liaison office?

The border town of Kaesong has for years been a symbol of the fragile relationship between North and South Korea.

In 2003, it sprung to life as the site of an industrial zone – the Kaesong Industrial Complex – set up between the North and South.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The office was opened with great fanfare in September 2018

At its peak, it saw more than 120 factories, employing more than 50,000 North Koreans and hundreds of managers from the South.

But in 2016 it was shut down after tensions reached a head – bringing to a halt a symbol of co-operation.

So, in 2018, it looked as though things were back on track when both Koreas agreed to set up an inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong.

It allowed officials from the North and South to communicate regularly for the first time since the Korean War, and was meant to be staffed by up to 20 people from each side.

But in March 2019, North Korea announced that it was withdrawing from the office – following a failed summit between the US and North Korea.

Who is Kim Yo-jong?

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Kim Yo-jong, sister of the North Korean leader, has an increasingly public profile

In recent years the younger sister of Kim Jong-un has emerged as a powerful ally.

From 2014, Kim Yo-jong’s main job was to protect her brother’s image, taking up a key role in the party’s propaganda department.

When, in 2017, she was elevated to an alternate member of the politburo, it seemed to indicate a shift in seniority – although her main role remained in propaganda.

In 2018, she shot into the international spotlight when, at the Winter Olympics, she became the first member of the Kim family to visit South Korea.

Her continued rise shows she has gained the deep trust of her brother, and when Mr Kim’s disappearance in April prompted questions about his health, she was mentioned as a possible successor.

In recent weeks, she has been responsible for delivering several strongly-worded messages against the South – and has emerged as North Korea’s new point-person on inter-Korean affairs, according to specialist site NK News.

However, North Korea’s power mechanisms are notoriously difficult to understand.

It’s therefore hard to gauge how much power – or how much of her own political network – the 32-year-old might have.

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Media captionNorth Korea: What do we know about the younger sister of North Korea’s Supreme Leader?
Economy News

Coronavirus: Peru economy sinks 40% in April amid lockdown – BBC News

A relative of a Covid-19 victim prays in front of her grave in Lima Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Peru has the second-highest number of cases and deaths in Latin America

Peru’s economy sank by more than 40% year-on-year in April, its worst-ever percentage drop in output, amid a lockdown imposed to curb Covid-19.

Mining dropped sharply in the country – one of the world’s largest producers of copper, gold and silver.

President Martín Vizcarra called it the “most serious crisis in our history”.

Despite sweeping measures, Peru has reported nearly 233,000 cases and more than 6,500 deaths, the second-highest numbers in South America after Brazil.

Peru was one of the first in the region to impose a lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, and the police and the army were deployed to enforce it. But experts say this and other measures have not worked properly because large numbers of people disrespect them.

Earlier this month, thousands of street vendors were evicted in the capital, Lima, while reports said social-distancing rules had been largely ignored in rural areas.

Overall, economic activity fell 40.49% in April compared to the same time last year, according to the government’s statistics agency Inei (in Spanish).

Mining represents 60% of the country’s exports, and production was drastically scaled back because of the Covid-19 restrictions. Full operation was allowed to resume in May, and economists believe some recovery is expected in the next few months.

Peru’s economic activity

Year-on-year comparison

Since January, the Peruvian economy – one of the strongest in Latin America over the last decade – has shrunk by 13.1% on a year-to-year basis, Inei says.

Between March and May, more than 2.3 million people lost their jobs in the Lima metropolitan area – almost half of the region’s workforce.

Speaking during a video conference, President Vizcarra said the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the economy “was only comparable with what we had during the Pacific War [with Chile] more than 100 years ago”.

His centrist government had already announced an aid package to millions of families across the country. On Monday, he unveiled a series of measures to restart the economy, including large infrastructure projects such as hospitals, schools and roads.

On Sunday, the Archbishop of Lima, Carlos Castillo, warned that people faced starving to death as a result of the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic.

The cathedral was filled with more than 5,000 photographs of people who died with Covid-19. Some of them did not receive appropriate medical care as the health system has struggled to cope with the demand, local media reported.

“An even harder moment is coming,” he was quoted as saying in a message broadcast during Sunday’s Mass, according to AP news agency. “It would be terrible if in the times to come we have thousands of these photos – but [instead of people dead with Covid-19], dead of hunger.”

Restrictions in the country of 32 million people are being gradually lifted, but the lockdown imposed on 16 March has been extended until 30 June, making Peru’s lockdown one of the longest in the world.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Photographs of Peru’s victims were put on the pews and walls of the Cathedral of Lima

Meanwhile, Mike Ryan, emergencies programme head at the World Health Organization, said Latin America remained a cause for concern.

Brazil has become the country with the world’s second-highest number of infections – more than 888,000 – and deaths, at nearly 44,000. Experts say the true figures are likely to be higher because of insufficient testing, and the outbreak is still weeks away from its peak.

Chile has extended a state of catastrophe by 90 days amid a surge in cases – in total, more than 180,000 infections have been confirmed with about 3,300 deaths.

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Media captionCoronavirus: Health claims debunked
Health News

First Edition: June 16, 2020 – Kaiser Health News


CareerGig Provides New Offerings of Traditional Benefits for Freelancers – AiThority

Blockchain-based marketplace offers life, HSA, and financial benefits for freelancers and contractors

CareerGig, a web-based technology platform that utilizes blockchain to provide freelancers with competitive jobs and benefits, and employers with state of the art verification services, will launch an initial set of offerings beginning June 15, 2020.

During a time when the already active “gig-economy” is on the upswing because of layoffs due to COVID-19, it has become evident that there is a pressing need for benefits that are not company- or employer-based.

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CareerGig provides freelancers and contractors with insurance and financial benefits that rival or surpass those available through full-time traditional employment with companies, while connecting them to top companies around the United States. Unlike other platforms, CareerGig uses blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other technologies to verify and validate freelance employees so companies have the assurance they are hiring the best available talent.

The June 15 launch begins a set of benefit-offerings customized exclusively for freelancers and contractors including life insurance, health services accounts (HSA), and financial services benefits. On the employer side, HR professionals are able to access a streamlined and secure verification process allowing for multiple assessments and background checks, saving time and resources. All offerings are available through the company website –

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This initial launch will be followed shortly by the CareerGig marketplace with expanded benefits such as health, dental, and vision insurance specifically tailored for freelancers and contractors. The CareerGig marketplace has a midsummer anticipated launch date.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer such a valuable platform for both freelancers and employers during a time when both flexibility and stability are so important to the success of individuals and the companies that hire them,” said Greg Kihlström, CEO and Co-Founder of CareerGig. “What’s more, our core philosophy of trust and validation using the best available technologies means that our platform is built with our customer’s data privacy and best interests in mind from the start. We look forward to the launch of our platform and are eager to roll out the additional features we have in store.”

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Mozzartbet ‘thrilled’ ahead of Evoplay Entertainment content integration – Casino Beats

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Mozzartbet’s director of online casino Miloš Ranđić has described Evoplay Entertainment’s game catalogue as ‘an ideal match’ for operator’s product portfolio.

Ranđić made the comments ahead of the Serbian operator’s integration of Evoplay’s 90+ catalogue of slots, table and instant games.

He said: “Evoplay Entertainment’s highly innovative casino suite has a proven track-record of popularity amongst a wide variety of players, so we are thrilled to have the company on board.

“The supplier’s groundbreaking catalogue is an ideal match for our premium quality customer offering, and we look forward to cultivating a long-term commercial relationship.”

The deal with Mozzartbet, which holds licences in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Romania, Kenya and Malta, further bolsters Evoplay Entertainment’s global footprint, following the company’s UK market debut earlier this year.

Vladimir Malakchi, CBDO at Evoplay Entertainment, added: “We are delighted to partner with Mozzartbet, a widely recognised operator with an impressive market reach.

“Our unique portfolio deploys the latest technology to offer an entertainment experience that truly stands out, and this partnership ensures that it will continue to be enjoyed by a growing legion of international fans.”

Economy News

We Can Protect the Economy From Pandemics. Why Didn’t We? – WIRED

On December 31, 2019, Nita Madhav was in Portland, Oregon, attending a cousin’s wedding. That summer, after four years leading the infectious disease data science team, she’d taken over as CEO of Metabiota. Now she was enjoying a holiday away from the stress of running a 60-plus-employee company. Her extended family had traveled from around the US and beyond to celebrate the wedding and count down the last moments of 2019 together. But that morning, before the ceremony, Madhav began getting texts from Oppenheim telling her about a cluster of unusual pneumonia-­like infections in Wuhan, China. The company’s early detection system, which included an algorithm for parsing and highlighting news stories about outbreaks, was flagging Wuhan as a potential hot spot. The team typically looked at hundreds of media reports a week and approached new ones cautiously. At the reception, Madhav messaged with Oppenheim and wondered: If it was respiratory, could the source be more like H7N9, the avian flu? A coronavirus like SARS-CoV?

The next day, she checked in with her staff, who would need to quickly marshal enough data to project where the outbreak could land. “We were just trying to see what we could find out,” she said. “We weren’t yet in the all-hands-on-deck mode. By the third week in January, we certainly were.”

As the human and economic devastation multiplied in tandem across the globe, Metabiota’s employees suddenly found themselves living inside their own model’s projections. Just two years earlier, the company had run a large set of scenarios forecasting the consequences of a novel coronavirus spreading around the globe. “I guess part of what I’m struggling with emotionally is that it’s almost like we’ve been attacked by a cliché,” Oppenheim told me later. “No one can predict the exact timing and location and dynamics, but the broad contours are a story that people have walked through specifically before.”

At the same time Metabiota was watching the nightmare that its models had anticipated unfold, Gunther Kraut was in Singapore facing a different problem. Where Munich Re’s epidemic solutions division had been struggling to get traction with potential customers, now, in early January, buyers were banging at the door. “That’s just the nature of human psychology,” he said. “Whenever a catastrophe arrives, people immediately want insurance for that catastrophe.” The virus was still confined to China and Kraut faced a grim calculation: Should the company write business interruption policies that would cover SARS-CoV-2, outside of Asia? “You clearly have the human tragedy,” he said. “On the other hand you are in charge of the business unit.” But there were too many warning signs—too much risk for Munich Re. It would have been like selling fire insurance for a house already in flames. Kraut made the decision not to sell.

In a sense, Munich Re had dodged a bullet: Had the company succeeded at selling pandemic protection to corporate giants starting 19 months before, it would have collected almost no premiums and now be paying out on every single one. Kraut acknowledged as much, but offered that if insurers never pay out, “then you lose the reason of existence.”

By March, Metabiota had closed its offices in downtown San Francisco, and its employees joined the legions of new remote workers. “It is painful to see loss of livelihoods, insecurity, fear,” Oppenheim said, “when potentially we would have had tools to prevent that.”

sanitation workers cleaning stairs

Everything You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

Here’s all the WIRED coverage in one place, from how to keep your children entertained to how this outbreak is affecting the economy. 

On the afternoon of April 10, as the worldwide death toll crossed 100,000, the data science and product teams gathered on a Zoom call to discuss a new Covid-19 scenario tool. The goal was to help an international aid agency concerned about the possible trajectories for developing countries. Metabiota’s models are built for long-term understanding rather than real-time analysis, but as clients turned to them for information, they scrambled to adapt. With home and office life now fully merged—“Was Ben going to join this one?” Madhav asked. “No, I think he’s on childcare,” came the response—everyone turned off their video to save bandwidth for the screenshare. One data scientist kicked off the call by showing a rough version of the new tool, paging through alternately disheartening and terrifying graphs illustrating the best- and worst-case results for 16 countries, depending on how the virus was contained. The former showed hundreds of thousands of additional deaths from late March onward. In the latter, reflecting a total breakdown in containment, the deaths reached into the tens of millions.


Evoplay Entertainment partners with Mozzartbet – European Gaming Industry News

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Provider further extends global reach with comprehensive agreement

Innovative game development studio Evoplay Entertainment  is set to launch with the prominent Serbian operator Mozzartbet.

Under the agreement, the operator will integrate the supplier’s groundbreaking 90+ catalogue of slots, table and instant games with its popular online casino.

The deal with Mozzartbet, which holds licences in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Romania, Kenya and Malta, further bolsters Evoplay Entertainment’s global footprint, following the company’s celebrated UK market debut earlier this year.

The studio has continued to establish its credentials throughout 2020, having recently been shortlisted for ‘Mobile Supplier’ and ‘Software Rising Star’ at this year’s EGR B2B Awards for its launch of Dungeon: Immortal Evil in February.

Commenting on the deal, Vladimir Malakchi, CBDO at Evoplay Entertainment said: We are delighted to partner with Mozzartbet, a widely recognised operator with an impressive market reach.

“Our unique portfolio deploys the latest technology to offer an entertainment experience that truly stands out, and this partnership ensures that it will continue to be enjoyed by a growing legion of international fans.”

Miloš Ranđić, Director of Online Casino at Mozzartbet added: “Evoplay Entertainment’s highly innovative casino suite has a proven track-record of popularity amongst a wide variety of players, so we are thrilled to have the company on board.

“The supplier’s groundbreaking catalogue is an ideal match for our premium quality customer offering, and we look forward to cultivating a long-term commercial relationship.”

Crypto News

Crypto Currency Market Size 2020, Share, Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends, Manufacturers, Regions and Forecast to 2025 – 3rd Watch News

The global Crypto Currency market report is a comprehensive study that encompasses top manufacturers, prospective market share, revenue, purchaser volume with respect to dealing volume and global segmentation for the Crypto Currency industry. The report further includes market classification and definitions, product and industry overview, manufacturing specifications and cost structure, included raw materials and so on.

In addition to the vast definitive data, the report also sheds light on the past behavior of the market and an upcoming growth graph that is expected to venture in an upwards trajectory despite market fluctuations and trends.

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Market Segmentation:
The Crypto Currency report follows an accumulated research methodology that is based on years of experience combined with structured data points acquired from proprietary sources. These methods function with thorough research and analysis split between primary and secondary research combined with an in-house data wrangling process. In general, the data points are gathered from a variety of sources such as vendor projections, product list, research papers and a detailed list of manufacturers. The analysis is than derived into quantitative market values such as qualitative and quantitative qualities, market forecast models, market segmentations and business models that revolve around the Crypto Currency industry.

Moreover, the Crypto Currency market report clarifies the market segmentation based on various parameters and attributes that can be classified on geographical region, product types and market applications.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the Crypto Currency industry market by types, applications, players and regions. This report also displays the 2013-2025 production, Consumption, revenue, Gross margin, Cost, Gross, market share, CAGR, and Market influencing factors of the Crypto Currency industry in USA, EU, China, India, Japan and other regions

Market Analysis by Players: This report includes following top vendors in terms of company basic information, product category, sales (volume), revenue (Million USD), price and gross margin (%). 
BitFury Group
OKEX Fintech Company
Unocoin Technologies Private
ZEB IT Service

Market Analysis by Regions: Each geographical region is analyzed as Sales, Market Share (%) by Types & Applications, Production, Consumption, Imports & Exports Analysis, and Consumption Forecast.
Southeast Asia
South America
South Africa

Market Analysis by Types: Each Type is studied as Sales and Market Share (%), Revenue (Million USD), Price, Gross Margin and more similar information. 

Market Analysis by Applications: Each application is studied as Sales and Market Share (%), Revenue (Million USD), Price, Gross Margin and more similar information. 

The report also focuses on developing market trends, preferred market channels and market drivers & restraints to name a few.

Access this report Crypto Currency Market @

Major Point of TOC:

Chapter One: Crypto Currency Market Overview

Chapter Two: Global Crypto Currency Competitions by Players

Chapter Three: Global Crypto Currency Competitions by Types

Chapter Four: Global Crypto Currency Competitions by Applications

Chapter Five: Global Crypto Currency Production Market Analysis by Regions

Chapter Six: Global Crypto Currency Sales Market Analysis by Region

Chapter Seven: Imports and Exports Market Analysis

Chapter Eight: Global Crypto Currency Players Profiles and Sales Data

Chapter Nine: Crypto Currency Upstream and Downstream Analysis

Chapter Ten: Global Crypto Currency Market Forecast (2018-2025)

Chapter Eleven: Research Findings and Conclusion 

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Other Trending Report:

Global Halloween Costumes Market Competitive Dynamics and Industry Outlook 2025 @

About HongChun Research:
HongChun Research main aim is to assist our clients in order to give a detailed perspective on the current market trends and build long-lasting connections with our clientele. Our studies are designed to provide solid quantitative facts combined with strategic industrial insights that are acquired from proprietary sources and an in-house model.

Contact Details:
Jennifer Gray
Manager – Global Sales
+ 852 8170 0792
[email protected]