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Taandav Media Works Announces: COVID- 19 Favours Bunch Of Event Managers – The India Saga

Taandav Media Works Announces: COVID- 19 Favours Bunch Of Event Managers

A Feature Film About An Event Manager’s Journey Is Expected to see a multi-lingual release in 2021

May 31st is the International Event Managers Day and This feature film is touted to celebrate one industry, one passion and million memories where all the artists, including freelancers, will come together to win it all.

Pointing out that the new-age world under lockdown is demanding that artists and talents to shift gears, thus forcing a bunch of Event Managers to take it upon themselves to curate a 2-hour and 1-minute regional feature film script. This group of talented individuals believes that “Content is King”. Therefore, now that the script is ready, they are waiting for the Indian film industry’s positive collaboration towards the project’s production. The writer of the film turns the new-co producer quoting a proverb in Kannada “Pour the lake’s water back into the lake”- Sri Purandara Dasaru 

Speaking in a press release, Arunn Raj, celebrated corporate host & wedding entertainer and CEO of Taandav Media Works Pvt Ltd, said, “The current pandemic war-like situation and social distancing norms forced us to venture and shift gears from setting up stages to curating moments onscreen, in order to survive and to retain our employees. We simply set new goals for ourselves.” 

He further says, “While we face new challenges in film making, the team believes impossible is nothing & the show must go on. During the tough time of the global economic pandemic situation, the untitled script Stage 2.0 (All Rights Reserved) has offered online jobs that have motivated artists and freelancers during the lockdown days. The film is under pre-production, which is using virtual production techniques and we request the Government of India to support the dream of these bunch of believers who have set up a new production house in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.” This production house has been set up with the support of event managers belonging to the states of Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Maharashtra & overseas.

The team expresses highest level of gratitude to the TELANGANA CHAMBER OF EVENT Industry(TCEI) and the Industry Legends Mr. Neeraj KS Thakur- General Secretary-TCEI, Mr.Rituraj Khanna-CEO Q Events(The God Father of Wedding Industry), Mr. Devanand Balaji-Founder of Thinkseed Inc., Mr. Ramm.k,Muppanna- TCEI Vice President (TEMA) -Founder & CEO Impulse India Events & More and Mr. Girish Naga Reddy-Founder & CEO Zeal Integrated Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd and all the event planners, Emcee’s, Dj’s & Vj’s, Vendors, Technicians and artists across country who have been supporting this project since its inception.

Attention: Artists & Freelancers, Who Are Interested to be part of this project, can email their credentials to

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China to promote poverty alleviation with digital platforms – Xinhua | – Xinhua

BEIJING, May 31 (Xinhua) — China has launched a special poverty relief initiative to be executed through digital platforms.

From late May to the end of September, the operation jointly initiated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MHRSS) and the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development aims to provide job opportunities to poor migrant workers and 52 poverty-stricken counties with the support of digital platforms.

Local human resource and poverty alleviation departments will coordinate with companies to offer jobs including express and take-out delivery, warehouse management and vehicle repair, the MHRSS said.

In the meantime, online jobs like part-time customer service shall be provided, while entrepreneurship in the services, logistics and other sectors will be encouraged and supported.

The operation also aims to help promote sale of farm produce in poorer areas through livestreaming sales and opening up green channels to increase farmers’ incomes.

Human resources and poverty alleviation departments at all levels will strengthen cooperation with various digital platforms and offer more policy support to provide employment opportunities for the poor laborers, said an MHRSS official. Enditem

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Here are the jobs hiring now in Alabama –

Who’s hiring in Alabama?

It’s a compelling question as the state continues to dig out of the job crisis wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. The Alabama Department of Labor on Thursday said 529,550 people have filed initial claims for unemployment benefits since mid-March. In the week before the pandemic lockdown began, slightly more than 1,800 applied.

Alabama’s unemployment rate for April was 12.9 percent, the highest in almost four decades and almost 10 percentage points higher than the previous month.

Before the pandemic, the department usually released a list of the five occupations with the most online wanted ads showing up on the state’s free online jobs database, as well as corporate and traditional job boards. An analysis in April showed that more than 9,000 ads were placed for occupations that month.

That number itself is distressing, as ads are down more than 21 percent over the previous April. A similar analysis in July 2017, for example, sifted through 40,000 online ads.

The most sought after position for this April was registered nurses, a usual mainstay on the list. Registered nurses earn a mean wage of $29.26 per hour, according to the ADOL.

Coming in second were retail salespersons, followed by sales representatives – meaning wholesale and manufacturing, except for technical and scientific products. Wholesale and manufacturing sales reps make about $32.13 an hour, the department said. Next was customer service representatives, followed by software developers.

Software positions are also a familiar sight on the boards, though their importance may have jumped in the pandemic period, given the rise in telecommuting since the lockdown.

Overall, 20 percent of job ads have salaries in the $50,000 to 75,000 range, the department said, while 16 percent have salaries of $75,000 and above.

The top three employers posting ads in April were UAB Medicine with 736, followed by Auto Zone Auto Parts and Ascension Health. Other companies hiring through online ads included UAB, Hibbett Sports, the University of South Alabama, Dollar General, Lowe’s, Encompass Home Health and Southeastern Grocers.

The most requested certification in online job ads was for security clearance at 11.1 percent, ADOL said.

Online Jobs


According to the Alabama Department of Labor, over 9,000 job ads went online in April with registered nurses and retail workers being in high demand.

The report pulled information from online job postings in Alabama, including the state of Alabama’s online jobs database, social media sites, corporate job boards and other sites.

UAB, AutoZone and Ascension Health were the top three employers with job listings. Other employers with many listings include Dollar General, Lowe’s, Hibbett Sports and the University of South Alabama.

Of all jobs posted, 57% had salaries of $35,000 or more, and 16% of all job listings offered a salary at or above $75,000

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What to know about looking for a new job while you’re furloughed – CNBC

Of the 20.5 million Americans who lost their jobs in April, roughly 4 in 5 consider their layoff temporary and believe they’ll be called back to work within six months.

While some furloughed workers are getting those calls as businesses reopen across the country, others who have yet to hear any news may be wondering how long their furlough period will last. 

If you become furloughed, you remain an employee with the company but take an unpaid leave of absence. You may continue to receive some employer-sponsored benefits, such as health insurance, for a set period of time, and you’re eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

CNBC Make It spoke with workplace experts about why you might want to consider looking for a new job while on furlough during the pandemic, and what kinds of legal considerations to keep in mind.

Why does it make sense to find a new job while you’re furloughed?

Workers who may need to earn more than what they’re receiving through unemployment benefits, are concerned about losing their health-care coverage during a global pandemic or think they may not have a job to return to may consider looking for another job while on furlough.

After all, to minimize financial stress, the best time to find a new job is when you already have one.

“A furlough is not a binding contract that the employer who you worked for will rehire you. It’s an expression of intent to rehire you at some point with no timeline,” says Ian Siegel, co-founder and CEO of ZipRecruiter, the online jobs marketplace. “You get the benefit of continued health insurance at many companies, and maybe some other rare small perks. However, it behooves you to examine every opportunity available to in the market when you’re furloughed.”

Additionally, depending on where you live, your state may require that you prove you’re actively searching for work when you certify your weekly unemployment benefits, says Michele Evermore, senior policy analyst with the National Employment Law Project. Some states, such as New York and California, have waived that requirement during the pandemic.

What kind of new job can you look for while you’re furloughed?

In most cases, you’ll be free to look for any kind of new job while you’re on furlough, whether it’s part-time, full-time, on payroll or on contract. However, your employer could have restrictions on the type of new work you look for, says David Barron, a labor and employment attorney with Cozen O’Connor.

For example, your employer may restrict you from searching for work with a direct competitor. Rules may be more strict if your employer is still paying for your health insurance and other company-provided benefits, he adds.

That said, “if you don’t have the ability to work for that person, most employers understand that you may have to go find work,” Barron says. In any case, it’s best to contact your HR department if you plan to find another job to make sure you’re not violating any terms of your furlough.

What happens to your unemployment benefits?

If you take another job while on furlough, you’ll have to report your weekly earnings when you certify your unemployment benefits. Failure to do so is classified as unemployment insurance fraud. Consequences vary by state and can include having to pay back benefits plus interest, penalty fees, ineligibility for future benefits and criminal prosecution.

Many states allow you to earn up to a certain percentage of your benefit amount through other work, such as a part-time job, before your payment is reduced. The number of hours or days you work could lower your benefit amount, or it could make you ineligible entirely.

Workers currently earning partial unemployment are also eligible to receive the weekly $600 federal benefit laid out in the coronavirus relief bill.

It’s possible you can earn money from a new part-time job and still collect partial unemployment from your furloughed job, plus the $600 federal boost, to bring in more each week than you did with your previous job.

Are you allowed to quit a job when you’re on furlough?

Yes, being on furlough doesn’t limit your ability to quit the job altogether in order to take a new permanent job elsewhere. Of course, voluntarily quitting your former job will make you ineligible to receive unemployment benefits for that role.

And remember to consider what will happen to your health-care coverage when you move employers, especially given the current health crisis, Barron adds. Some companies cover new-employee benefits from day one, while others do so after a set waiting period of up to 90 days. If the latter is an issue, you may look into short-term coverage through COBRA, the marketplace or another alternative.

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Alabama retailers continue hiring with most stores, restaurants open – Alabama NewsCenter

In the first two months of the coronavirus pandemic, “retail salesperson” ranked as Alabama’s second most advertised job opening on online wanted ads, according to the Labor Market Information Division of the Alabama Department of Labor.

Retail sales frequently shares the top spot for online job postings in the state, along with nurses. While many retailers had to furlough workers and/or shut down or limit operations during March and April, certain segments of the industry continued to hire.

Retailers open throughout March and April even hired extra help to handle the volume of business they were doing. Three of the top 10 employers advertising online for jobs in March in Alabama were retailers. Five of the top 10 were retailers in April.

The Alabama Labor Department found 1,986 online ads for retail salespersons in March and 1,831 in April, a decline of 7.8%, but still the second-highest occupation advertising job openings.

Since they were allowed to open their doors, small retailers (April 30) and restaurants (May 11) have safely brought back furloughed staff or offered jobs to previous staff. Some have even begun advertising that they are hiring again. Orange Beach restaurants such as Wolf Bay RestaurantCosmo’s Restaurant and BarLuna’s Eat & Drink and BuzzCatz Coffee & Sweets began hiring seasonal staff in the past two weeks.

“Our Gulf Coast area is experiencing an extreme shortage of available workforce,” said Char Haber, owner of Wolf Bay Restaurants in Foley and Orange Beach. “We’ve only been able to reopen two of our three locations due to this critical issue. We are desperately trying to find enough workers so we can serve our wonderful guests to the best of our ability.” The Wolf Bay Restaurant in the Perdido/Pensacola, Florida, area remains closed.

In April, the retail employment picture in Alabama changed dramatically with 70,200 fewer people working either in retail stores or at restaurants than had been in March, according to Alabama’s May 2020 Labor Market News. In April, 215,800 people worked in retail trade and 110,100 worked at food services and drinking places. The 325,900 employed in retail trade/food and drinking places compares to 396,100 employed by those two sectors in March. Retail and restaurant employees continue to file initial unemployment claims, but at much lower rates than when many of those business operations were closed or extremely limited.

The Alabama Labor Department compiles help-wanted online data from all online job postings in the state, including those posted on the state’s free online jobs database – – and other sources such as traditional job boards, corporate boards and social media sites.

Job resources

This story originally appeared on the Alabama Retail Association’s website.

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The businesses of Minneapolis: an interactive map – Thinknum Media

Protests continue to erupt in Minneapolis over the brutal and unnecessary death of George Floyd. Overnight, fires raged, store windows were shattered, and crowds chanted “I can’t breathe”. 

Protests have spread to other cities, including neighboring Saint Paul, while demonstrations in New York, Phoenix, Denver, Memphis, and Columbus demanded prosecution of the four officers involved in the arrest — and death — of George Floyd.

Here, we take a look at the businesses of Minneapolis, more as an exercise in information and exploration. Debate over the extent of property and retail establishment damage during the protests is not our place here, but rather to show what data we have on the epicenter.

In the first map, we filtered out restaurants, deliver services, and distribution points to get a better look at the businesses of Minneapolis.

The map above includes the following businesses (top-20 listed by number of locations).


Minneapolis locations

VUSE Vapor


Jiffy Lube




College Student Apartments


Ritual Restaurants


Ameriprise Financial Advisors – Financial Advisor


Bank Of Montreal – BMO















NAPA Auto Center


Northwestern Mutual Financial Advisor




Impossible Foods


Caribou Coffee


Healthways SilverSneakers Fitness


The map below focuses on restaurants as represented by delivery and booking apps, including GrubHub ($NYSE:GRUB), UberEATs ($NYSE:UBER), DoorDash ($DOORDASH), and OpenTable ($NASDAQ:BKNG) reservations.

About the Data:

Thinknum tracks companies using the information they post online – jobs, social and web traffic, product sales, and app ratings – and creates data sets that measure factors like hiring, revenue, and foot traffic. Data sets may not be fully comprehensive (they only account for what is available on the web), but they can be used to gauge performance factors like staffing and sales. 

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Online Jobs for College Students That Pay More Than minimum wage | – University Magazine

6 Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Phone or Computer
6 Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Phone or Computer

Working through college is a good way to offset the high costs of the school. But it can be tough to find a decent-paying job you can balance with classes and extracurriculars.

Instead, look into legitimate ways to make money online for a more flexible source of income. For a regular paycheck and work-at-home schedule, check out these 10 online jobs for college students.

Online Jobs for College Students That Pay More Than minimum wage

10. PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Pay: varies, approximately $10-$20 per slide

Did you master PowerPoint for a project last semester? Turn that skill into a moneymaker!. When businesses or keynote speakers don’t have time to create presentations for their events, do it for them.

How to Get Started

Set up your own virtual storefront, like this list your services on freelance sites like Upwork or Freelancer. Fiverr

9. Virtual Recruiter

Pay: $20-$30/hour

Put your skills and connections in your industry to use by connecting employees or freelancers with the right jobs.

As a virtual recruiter, you’ll work as a liaison between a company and potential new hires. You’ll do things like post available jobs, screen resumes, conduct preliminary interviews and negotiate salaries.

Work can pay around $50,000 per year for full-time employees, $20-$30 per hour for contractors or employees, or on a commission rate, you set as a freelancer.

How to Get Started

This is freelance work, so you can start by perusing virtual recruiter job listings on LinkedIn or these freelance sites:


Pay: $5-$50 per gig

Could you really cut into your debt, or even make a living, $5 at a time? If you get creative, you might be able to do just that with Fiverr.

Turn your weird ideas and unique skills into gigs on Fiverr. One woman used Fiverr to market her resume-writing skills and has since earned more than $2 million!

If you don’t want to wait for takers, look for a requested service, and pick up a few bucks from someone who needs help with a quick, simple task.

Copycat sites offer similar opportunities.

TaskRabbit also connects you with real-life and virtual odd jobs that can bring in extra cash or even become a full-time job.

How to Get Started

Read our overview of what you could sell on Fiverr to get an idea of the hidden gems and talents you might possess! But make sure you’re valuing your time; if you’re only earning $4 an hour, it might not be your best bet.

7. Freelance Writer or Editor

Pay: varies; $50+ per article

This is how I made my living for four years while I travelled and moved around the U.S. It can be lucrative, flexible work.

You can make your own schedule, pick your own gigs and set your own rates. The best part is you get paid to write about almost anything!

Making money researching and writing about your existing hobbies and passions beats a barista gig at the campus coffee shop, right?

You can also try freelance proofreading. These gigs are good ways to keep your foot in the door of the writing world when you don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to composition.

Try Proofread Anywhere. It offers a free introductory workshop so you can see if it’s the right way to go. If you follow through, it teaches you how to start your own business, so you can craft a schedule that fits your semester workload.

6. Niche Blogger

Pay: varies

Choose a topic that offers clear value to readers. By focusing your efforts on becoming an authority, you can make money blogging.

If you create a go-to source of information in your niche, you can earn money through relevant advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

With good planning and time management, you can write for and promote your blog in your spare time, and earn passive income all day when readers visit your site.

How to Get Started

Your first step is to create a website. You have a number of hosting options, one of the most popular being Bluehost. You’ll have to pay a little — just $2.95 a month — but it’s integral.

5. Search Engine Evaluator

Pay: $12-$15/hour

Earn up to $15 an hour cleaning up search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Despite constant updates to their algorithms, search engines are still riddled with errors. They rely on real humans to look at search results and offer feedback on quality, accuracy and usefulness. That’s where you come in.

How to Get Started

Find search engine evaluator jobs through these sites:

4. Resume Writer

Pay: $15-$25/hour

Know someone about to graduate or looking for a new job? Offer to help polish their resume to make it job-search-ready.

How to Get Started

Find online resume writing jobs through these sites:

Note that you’ll face a lot of competition and submit many unanswered applications.

Instead, try reaching into your existing network for potential clients, like friends looking for summer jobs and internships.

3. Data Entry Clerk

Pay: $9-$16/hour

These aren’t the best-paying online jobs, but they also don’t require a ton of skills or experience. Typically, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

How to Get Started

Find online data entry jobs through these sites:

  • Clickworker

2. Online Tutor

Pay: $13-$20/hour or more

Take your academic strengths and knowledge online to start your own tutoring business. Offer peer tutoring for fellow college students or connect with K-12 students in home-school programs.

And it’s not just academic: Focus on your extracurricular talents, and offer to tutor or consulting in things like music, art, social media, fashion or nutrition, too.

How to Get Started

Market your tutoring services online at sites  Or apply through one of these online tutoring companies. Or, do all the work upfront and create an online course to sell through Skillshare, Udemy or your own site.

1. Social Media Manager

Starting Pay: $15-$40/hour

Managing a company’s social media accounts can be a fun way to make money on a flexible schedule. It’s also a cool way to connect with the businesses you love.

A social media manager serves as the voice and face of a business on a number of engagement platforms. You’ll promote deals and content and interact with followers.

How to Get Started

You could post your resume on random job boards, but it’s better to contact local companies directly. Better yet, connect with a business you already patronize.

Focus on social platforms you love and know inside out to boost your pay. If you’re a Twitter fiend, talk up your experience. If you spend all your free time on Pinterest, put your pinning skills to use.

Then, get creative: Outline a plan to connect with customers via Snapchat or Instagram. Smaller companies might not have thought about exploring these platforms, making you an integral part of the team.

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Top 11 Legitimate Online Jobs in Nigeria That Pay Well – NIGERIAN TRIBUNE

Looking for legit online jobs in Nigeria that will suit even students? Find out how you can unlock your potential from home using our guide.

Legitimate Online Jobs in Nigeria

According to CNBC, two-thirds of people globally preferred to work remotely even before current world events forced this type of employment to become a necessity to stay afloat. In 2020, an annual survey of Global Workplace Analytics showed that 74% of professionals consider remote work a “new normal.” These statistics prove that working outside the office is now both a requirement and a trend, which allows specialists to collaborate with employers around the world and earn money without leaving home. To help you move with the times and simplify your search for remote work, we have compiled a list of the best legitimate online jobs in Nigeria.

Top 11 Legit Work From Home Jobs in Nigeria

The benefits of remote collaboration have become apparent to many local and international companies, which explains the increasing number of online jobs for both craft professionals and students. The main task of each applicant is to conduct a thorough analysis of career opportunities and find a vacancy that matches their qualifications and interests. To handle it, check out our list of sought-after professions and turn to the most popular Nigerian websites to find a job.

1.   Software Developer

The software has long been an integral tool for any business that wants to expand its sphere of influence into the online space. In this regard, the position of a software developer has become one of the legit online jobs that pay in Nigeria. Your earnings can vary from 300,000 to 2 million NGN per month, depending on your employer and success in the following duties

  • Development, design, and implementation of software products using one or more programming languages
  • System maintenance and improvement
  • Development of quality assurance procedures
2.   Online Tutor

Online tutoring is an excellent opportunity to monetize your unique knowledge and skills by sharing them with an interested audience. You can either conduct individual lessons or create an online course for a specialized platform. In both cases, your earnings will depend on the usefulness, relevance, and depth of the information that you deliver. To succeed in this position, you have to

  • Identify your field of ​​expertise
  • Gather all the necessary information for comprehensive coverage of the chosen subject, topic, or issue
  • Develop a phased learning plan
3.   Social Media Manager

Presence in the Internet space is an important condition for brand recognition among the target audience. Thanks to your market knowledge and proficiency in digital tools, you can earn from 40,000 to 200,000 NGN per month even as an undergraduate. The most common responsibilities of a social media manager include:

  • Study of the company’s audience and analysis of its needs
  • Development of a promotion strategy in social networks
  • Launching online advertising companies and measuring their profitability
4.   Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a well-paid position for entry-level specialists that allows you to earn up to $10 per hour working for an international company. Your administrative duties can include:

  • Scheduling for senior management and staff
  • Managing phone calls and correspondence
  • Preparation of necessary documentation and reports
5.   Copywriter

Often, a freelance copywriter receives payment for each written page or for each completed material, which allows you to determine your workload per the expected income. The price for an article can reach $60, but only if the following duties are performed well:

  • Studying the audience of the text and goals of the company
  • Development of the main message
  • Gathering information to enhance text
  • Choosing the right writing techniques for message delivery
6.   Data Entry Specialist

If you have attention to detail, perseverance, computer skills, and the quick typing ability, you can make money as a data entry specialist. This work allows you to earn from 1 to 30 dollars per hour for:

  • Transferring data from paper to electronic format
  • Checking data for errors and inaccuracies
  • Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information
7.   Graphic Designer

Qualified graphic designers are required in different companies, from book publishers to advertising agencies. Salary can reach $50-60 per hour if the candidate provides an extensive portfolio that confirms their expertise in:

  • Development of a visual concept based on the features and target audience of the product
  • Draft modifications under customer requirements
  • Preparation of layouts using the software

If you do not have the experience or skills necessary for getting a job in a renowned company, focus on online gigs in startups to find your footing in graphic design and gain the first fruits of your activity.

8.   Blogger

Many companies launch a blog for live communication with the audience and choose a frontman to deliver their ideas, values, and mission. To cope with the role of a blogger, you have to:

  • Study the target audience to understand what content will appeal to it in the best way
  • Develop engaging and versatile content to catch the attention of the audience and promote the message of the company
  • Change the content strategy depending on the responses and reactions of the audience

Top bloggers in Nigeria can earn up to 30 million NGN, but remember that this income is unstable as it varies depending on the niche, number of viewers, and changing audience preferences.

9.   Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing resembles sales, but unlike the latter, you do not present the product as a company representative but instead recommend it informally on forums, blogs, and social networks. Your responsibilities include:

  • Choosing thematic platforms whose target audience corresponds to the promoted product
  • Writing a post on behalf of a simple user telling how a product or service helped you solve your problem
  • Adding a unique product link to your review

You receive a commission from each purchase made through your unique link. Thus, your marketing awareness, writing skills, and persuasion talent can bring you about a million NGN a month.

10. Online Survey Respondent

If you are looking for legit online jobs in Nigeria that do not require an extensive track record and professional qualifications, the role of the online survey respondent is just for you. Online surveys are conducted by companies to improve the product and services at the development stage and adapt them to the needs of the target audience.

Becoming a respondent is not difficult. Often websites offer you to fill in a questionnaire that subsequently serves as a selection criterion for a particular survey. If you are suitable for the sample, express your opinion and get paid for each poll. Your earnings depend on your activity. On average, the payment for one survey varies from 5 to 20 dollars. Therefore, participating in 50 surveys can bring you about $1,000 a month. You just need to read the questions carefully and provide accurate and honest answers.

11. Web Designer

Web designers are responsible for the appearance and usability of the website as critical components for a positive user experience and the profits of the company. In this regard, employers are willing to pay from 300,000 to 2 million NGN a month to specialists who can:

  • Create a visual concept that matches the branding of the company
  • Design a website layout that is easy to understand, navigate, and use
  • Fill the website with relevant functionality
Wrap Up

Remote cooperation provides almost unlimited opportunities for specialists with different experiences, qualifications, and desired income. However, the type of employment should not be your main criterion for choosing a profession. If you do not have a passion for your work and your duties do not encourage you towards professional development, it does not matter whether you work in the office or on the beach. Now you have a basic understanding of well-paid online jobs in Nigeria. But to find your true vocation, research the positions carefully, imagine yourself in every role, picture your typical working day, and ask yourself: “Am I happy?”


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Can you still negotiate a job offer? – CNBC

In January, 2020 looked to be another banner year for job seekers. The U.S. was experiencing historic economic expansion, record low unemployment, strong job growth and high employee confidence in the ability to find a new job — and negotiate it to its max potential, to boot.

Then the pandemic hit.

By April, with businesses shuttered and workers sent home to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, the U.S. lost as many jobs as it had created in the decade since the Great Recession. The job-search market became tighter than ever as job openings disappeared while a flood of job seekers who were newly jobless, underemployed or graduating from high school and college entered the talent pool.

Essentially, the job market completely reversed course in the span of a few weeks.

Now, with businesses reopening and parts of the economy stabilizing after a dramatic decline, there are early signs that job search activity is picking back up, both in the number of job openings being listed and the number of job seekers searching for opportunities.

So if you’re in the position where you’re interviewing for a new job, can you still negotiate a job offer?

“Yes, and you should,” says negotiations specialist Alexandra Carter. The Columbia Law School professor and negotiation trainer for the United Nations tells CNBC Make It that not negotiating now can hurt your earning potential and personal finances far down the road.

Given the financial precariousness millions of Americans are experiencing during the pandemic, you may need income immediately and feel lucky to land any kind of offer at all. Still, Carter says most roles will have some room to negotiate, whether that’s salary or beyond, to accommodate both your own and the company’s needs.

She especially emphasizes the importance of negotiating for women and young professionals who may be more reluctant to do so. “I want women to know that some people will always ask for more, even in a recession and when times are tough,” Carter says. “If someone’s going to ask, I want it to be you.” 

Here’s what else to keep in mind if you’re negotiating a new job offer.

Have a conversation about how the business is doing

First, know that from a hiring perspective, recruiters still expect you to negotiate.

Kelly Lavin is the senior vice president of talent at Jobvite, a recruiting and applicant tracking platform. “Overwhelmingly, I and the people I’ve spoken with feel you should still negotiate,” she says. According to a Jobvite survey of 1,500 job seekers in early April, 61% responded that they felt very or somewhat comfortable negotiating a new job in the current market.

“But there are some things to take into consideration during the negotiation process that’s important, really, for any job candidate to think about,” Lavin adds.

Make sure to do your research on how the pandemic has impacted the organization, the industry it’s in and even the customers it serves.

Research these details by checking the company’s website and social media pages for updates, or by seeing if the organization has recently appeared in the news for changes to its staff or business model. Tap into your professional network to see if anyone you know or a recruiter you’ve worked with before has more up-to-date information about how the company is faring.

Have this information on hand as you kick off discussions with the employer, even if it’s just an initial phone screen with a recruiter. Lavin says it’s in your best interest to have candid conversations about the company and its financial stability early on in the interviewing process.

Build your case as the best candidate

By kicking off the financial discussions early, you both show the employer you’ve done your research, and you can explain why you’re the best person for the role precisely because the company is going through challenging times.

“You want them to know you’re aware of what’s happening,” Carter says. “I’d then focus the conversation on how you can bring extraordinary value to the team, and why you and this amount are a worthy expenditure of the company’s money.”

It’s likely the company will be working on how it responds to and recovers from the economic impact of the pandemic. It’s crucial to know how your role will be affected by those plans, and Lavin says you can again leverage this information to show that you’re a fit for the job.

For example, discuss with the hiring manager: “Tell me how Covid-19 has impacted your company, how the company is recovering and what that timeline looks like. How will the role I’m interviewing for address these challenges and find a solution?”

Then, expand on your own experience, skills and accomplishments that you’d bring in to help the company recover and succeed.

“In any economic situation, the candidate should come in with their research done about the type of position they’re filling, what value they’d bring to that position based on their skill set and experience, etc.,” Lavin says.

Choose one thing to negotiate

Ian Siegel, co-founder and CEO of online jobs marketplace ZipRecruiter, acknowledges that people interviewing for skilled or more senior roles will have more room to negotiate.

“Months ago, you could have fought for everything.” Siegel says, referring to the recent job market where there were more open roles than people to fill them. “Now, only fight for the most important thing. If that means a higher salary, go for it. If it’s a flexible schedule, go for it. Pick one thing and make it known it’s the only thing standing in the way of you taking the job.”

Of course, what you ask for and how you do it will be different during the pandemic era, but it’s still a conversation worth having. A position with an hourly rate may have a small range to work with, for example. You may be able to negotiate for the higher end of pay based on the skills and experience you bring to the table. If that’s not possible, maybe you can negotiate for more hours, bonus pay or an accommodating schedule.

If the company isn’t able to match your expectations, Carter says there are ways to continue the conversation and find a way to meet in the middle.

Lead with questions, she says: “Tell me, how have you closed the gap for people in the past? What else might we add here to bring the compensation closer to market value?”

Do your research and have a sense of what’s appropriate for the market, she says, and frame the discussion as mutually beneficial — as in, here’s what I’m asking for in order to join the organization, and here’s how the company is going to benefit by having me on board.

If you know the company won’t be able to budge on salary based on previous conversations, Lavin suggests you think about other forms of compensation that could be accommodated, such as a signing bonus, more paid time off, equity, a bonus if you hit a certain target, an accelerated timeline to discuss raises and promotions or a more flexible schedule.

“There are so many different ways to give your employer the opportunity to say ‘yes,'” Carter says.

If you’re weighing several offers, don’t forget to consider other employer-provided perks, such as the cost of your health care, matches to your retirement contributions, employee assistance programs, access to wellness options like teletherapy, child-care subsidies, a home-office stipend and so on. While these components aren’t always negotiable, they effectively boost how much you get from the company.

Consider the whole hiring experience

If you make it to the final stage and have an offer in hand, take a breather and know that you don’t have to accept anything right on the spot. Take some time to talk about it with friends, family and other household members who could be impacted by your decision. Ultimately, just as with a job offer at any other time, Lavin suggests you do a gut check: Is the offer what you expected when you went into the conversation?

Given the state of the economy, it’s understandable that a role’s expected salary could change, but Lavin says it could be a red flag if you’re not told about a pay cut until the end of the hiring process. Ideally, that news would be shared as soon as it was available.

“Even though we’re now entering into a different dynamic where there are more people looking for jobs than job openings, smart companies still care about the candidate experience and their employment brand,” Lavin says.

Also take note of how you were treated during the interviewing process, which can tell you a lot about how the company treats its current employees. Were you kept in the loop as the hiring process went on? Were all of your questions answered sufficiently? Were the hiring managers interested in hearing about what you hope to accomplish with the organization?

“Assess, am I working with someone who is engaging with me in a meaningful way?” Lavin says. “Even if they’re in a tough position, are they engaging with me and trying to meet me where I am and what’s important to me?”

Hiring supply and demand aside, applicants can expect a series of respectful exchanges with a potential employer at the very least.

“Everybody says we’re living in uncertain times,” Carter adds, “but I like to remind people that they can be certain of who they are and what they have to offer. That doesn’t change even if the winds are blowing.”

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