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PRI 2018: Bilstein Unveils Two Dampers That Offer Greater Adjustability – TURNology

Bilstein really needs no introduction. Respected as one of the leading names in suspension tuning, this company released two new racing dampers at the PRI Show. The first of which is an evolution of a time-tested design that offers greater adjustability. The second is a simple, durable, and affordable upgrade for racers who require compact packaging.

Bilstein AS2-R Remote Reservoir Damper

The AS2-R (R for reservoir) is based upon a legacy product, the AS2, and now incorporates three-way adjustable damping thanks to the newly added reservoir. This lightweight modular aluminum-shock features damping for independent high-speed compression, independent low-speed compression, and rebound damping. High-speed compression caters to, say, pavement slabs on a concrete track, while low-speed compression is used to control weight transfer. These can be adjusted independently of one another—providing more compliance and control over a wider variety of surfaces and conditions.

The Bilstein AS2-R is a development of the existing AS2 series that offers additional adjustability via its remote reservoir.

Bleed is controlled through cage preload, also uses a tunable base valve assembly for maximum versatility. With coilover spring hardware available for 2.25″, 2.5″ and 60mm options, the AS2-R can fitted to a wide variety of applications, and provides a range of adjustment rarely seen at this price point.

Bilstein XVA-30 Dampers for Smaller Vehicle Applications

The Bilsten XVA-30 damper is designed for lightweight race cars from Quarter Midgets to small Formula Cars

The other new model on display was the XVA-30, which gets its name for its 30mm working piston. This modular damper is offered with different shaft lengths and reservoir caps to make it applicable for a variety of lightweight race cars, ranging from Formula 500 or Formula 1000 to Quarter Midgets. This affordable, owner-rebuildable and shock features a Schrader Valve design for adjustment of fine-tuning preload.